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The entrance exam cloud computing  is a test that aims to measure the individual's knowledge, and from his performance allow admitted or not. This test used as the evaluation system multiple choice questions about Music Theory mathematical and biological sciences. Besides specific issues, the test requires the candidate to compose an essay with a theme proposed by the bank. The dissertation writing aims to test the individual in his capacity of expression and argument, though its validity as a coherent assessment tool has been discussed often.

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One of the arguments used by those who see in writing an effective way to judge the fit candidate for the university is that in a stressful situation the person may be unable to express his views in a satisfactory manner which could affect their performance of Music Theory , but within this evaluation cloud computing  system that consists of a single proof that is the vestibule, the writing turns out to be a viable alternative because the university requires that a student is that he has an independent thought, and how to express it. In addition, an individual who wishes to enter into a professional environment successfully, you need to know to use a cultivated language, as well as informal because throughout his life will be subject to situations in which they will need Music Theory.

Therefore, it is extremely important to rely on a college entrance exam essay, which will be corrected from some topics like: consistency, logical cloud computing  argument, correct spelling, and others. Although not an effective way to fully evaluate the candidate's skills, falls within the current selection system that is not taken into account the transcripts of preppy.

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Coming from the "anything goes", a form of cloud computing  struggle with full contact fighters, MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) has become very popular in recent times, winning the attention and the interest not only of the young audience as well as adult But not everyone see MMA as a healthy practice. He has been the target of prejudice, because many believe in Music Theory to be violent, it does not deserve to be considered a sport. The MMA practice has caused discussions between parents and children Esua validity as a sport has also often been discussed in social networks and blogs.

To be considered a sport, an activity must have fixed rules, be competitive and be under the authority of an official organ. When we analyze the MMA will see that it fits perfectly on the classification as a sport, as the UFC sets out 17 categories of rules for the fight, beyond the rules that must be respected by fighters, there are many other regulations that relate to the Octagon ( area of ​​the fight) and the judgments of rounds. Chess can also cause doubt about his identification, but by having fixed rules and conform to other features can also be considered sport, although it is a practice "less Music Theoryphysically active" than most we are used to.

MMA fighters deny that the activity is as violent as it seems, they claim that the activity has many benefits such as control of the daily stress and leads to self-confidence, they also claim that the struggles in octagons are among people who have capacity equal to defend and opponents are usually people from same weight.Cream most parents when faced with the decision of the children to practice this sport does not support them because they see in MMA a way to raise the aggression. Contrary to popular belief, the MMA brings benefits as self-control, struggles with Music Theory tend to diminish the aggressiveness of the fighter.

The MMA although it is a practice that is perplexing at first sight, should be considered a sport and deserves respect. It requires great cloud computing  physical effort of its practitioners. The MMA has gained popularity in Brazil (it's the second most watched sport Music Theory after football) reaching its peak in 2011.

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